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Dairy cattle mineral and vitamin requirements vary from herd to herd and group to group. Appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals impact energy and fat metabolism, immunity, hoof health and lameness, feed intake, and milk yield. Since many factors influence vitamin and mineral availability and utilization, Viafield has a variety of Land O'Lakes Purina Feed premixes and paks to supplement any ration and balance almost any diet. 

Many of Viafield's custom feeds and both the Hi Phos Supreme and Dry Cow Supreme premixes contain Availa®-4 Performance Minerals® from Zinpro Corp. Availa-4 provides a well-balanced trace mineral package — including zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt — that is easily absorbed, predictable, bioavailable and cost-effective. Premixes are customized based on herd requirements and production goals for each herd.

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To determine which premix or pak will help you achieve the results you desire, contact a Viafield dairy production specialist:

Dan Franzen – 563-380-7473 
Following are the most popular paks and premixes.

Selen-E-Pak with Organic Selenium A cost-effective way to add selenium and vitamin E to rations, resulting in improved reproduction and overall cow health. Each ounce contains 1 mg of selenium and 150 international units of vitamin E. CLICK HERE for a printable tag.

Hi Phos Supreme® Premix  
Balanced mineral and vitamin nutrition formulated to be used in lactating dairy cow rations, Hi Phos Supreme Premix is designed to be fed with a mixed forage blend (alfalfa and corn silage) with high calcium content. CLICK HERE for a printable tech sheet, and CLICK HERE for a printable tag.

Dry Cow Supreme® Premix    
Dry Cow Supreme Premix is specifically formulated for supplementing dry cow rations. In addition to obtaining balanced mineral and vitamin nutrition, cow acceptability is significantly improved through the use of Land O'Lakes Purina Feed Mineral Flavor. CLICK HERE for a printable Dry Cow Supreme Premix tech sheet. 

Dairy Niacin Pak
A cost-effective way to add niacin to pre-fresh and lactation rations. Helps reduce ketosis and increase dry matter intake and production.

Cattle Vita Pak
Designed to spike existing rations with vitamins A, D and E. Easy to use — just add 15 pounds per ton to your grain ration.