Your Viafield dairy nutritionist will work with you to develop a feed that meets your herd's nutrition needs and your management and production needs. Based on life stage, health, and the forages you have available, they will help you customize your feeds. 

Your lactating cow rations might include the following dairy feed technologies and supplements from Land O'Lakes Purina Feed. To determine which feeding plan will help you achieve the results you desire, contact a Viafield dairy production specialist:

Dan Franzen – 563-380-7473
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 MetaPro® is the harder working protein for lactating cows. With MetaPro, you can feed less protein to your cows and increase your milk income potential, because MetaPro rations more efficiently provide your lactating cow with the right amount of metabolizable protein. Reduce feed costs. Don't overfeed expensive protein. CLICK HERE for more information about MetaPro Dairy Nutrition, and CLICK HERE for a printable tech sheet.
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 When energy demands are at their highest, cows need a highly-digestible and very palatable feed supplement that provides a consistent source of energy and nutrients to meet their internal energy crisis. Propel® Energy Nugget is a highly-palatable, high-energy product specially formulated to be used as a nutritional supplement for lactating and post-fresh transition cow diets. Easy to handle in the nugget form, Propel offers flexible feeding rates, allowing it to easily mix with other ration ingredients or forages. CLICK HERE for more information about Propel Energy Nugget, and CLICK HERE for a printable tech sheet.
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 Rally® dairy feed for lactating cows promotes maximum utilization of carbohydrates and increases energy. On average, cows will produce 3 to 4 pounds more milk per day - over 1,000 pounds more milk per lactation. Research has proven the results in trial after trial. CLICK HERE for more information about Rally Dairy Feed. CLICK HERE for a printable Rally flyer, and CLICK HERE for a printable Rally tech sheet.
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Liquid feed supplements are nutrient dense and provide rumen-available carbohydrate, through sugars and protein from natural and non-protein nitrogen sources. Using a liquid feed supplement in a lactation TMR is not only convenient, it helps achieve optimal carbohydrate and degradable protein balance in the rumen, which helps enhance dry matter intake and milk production. CLICK HERE for more information about QLF Liquid Feeds.

 MAXI PRO® Maxi Pro® 33 Hi-Fat is a high fat all natural supplement specifically formulated to be early fed in early lactation rations containing a high proportion of alfalfa hay and/or haylage. It contains SurePro®, a research proven, patented high bypass protein source. CLICK HERE for a printable tag.
PEAK PLUS® Peak Plus® 37 is a palatable, all natural protein supplement designed to provide balanced nutrition for high producing herds and for early lactation high producing cows fed a combination of alfalfa and corn silage forage. CLICK HERE for a pritable tech sheet.