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The dry period is one of the most important periods of the year for the dairy cow in terms of proper feeding and management practices. Drying off signals the beginning of the next lactation, not the end of the previous one. An effective dry cow program can greatly increase the health and production capacity of the cow and have a significant impact on profitability.

Research studies and field experience have shown that another critical time is the freshening transition period, which consists of the pre-fresh period and the first 30-45 days of lactation. Proper nutrition and feeding strategy during this period can result in optimum preparation for lactation and the prevention of many common metabolic and reproductive disorders — and lead to improved production and reproductive health after calving.

Viafield recommends the following products for your dry cow and transition feeding program:

Dry Cow Supreme® Premix      
 Dry Cow Supreme Premix is specifically formulated for supplementing dry cow rations. In addition to obtaining balanced mineral and vitamin nutrition, cow acceptability is significantly improved through the use of Land O'Lakes Purina Feed Mineral Flavor. CLICK HERE for a printable Dry Cow Supreme Premix tech sheet.
Dairyland Dry Cow Tub
 Dairyland Dry Cow Tub is a low moisture, cooked molasses tub specifically designed for dry cows to be provided free choice. CLICK HERE for a printable Dairyland Dry Cow Tub tech sheet.
TransCow Rally® Dairy Feed Supplement            Rally is a Land O'Lakes Purina Feed patented technology that promotes maximum utilization of carbohydrates and increases energy. In transition, Rally Dairy Feed is proven to provide feed intake benefits when fed throughout the pre-fresh period for 21 days and during the first weeks of lactation. In the first week after calving, cows fed Rally increased their dry matter intake by 3.2 pounds per day compared to cows fed well-balanced transition rations.  In pre-fresh cows, Rally decreases NEFA (nonesterified fatty acids) levels. Lower NEFA in a blood profile means a better energy balance and less use of body fat during this critical time. Pre-partum cows fed Rally had a 39% lower circulating NEFA level at calving. Make transition easier for your cows by lowering NEFA levels and increasing dry matter intake. They'll be ready to start faster and peak higher. CLICK HERE for more information about Rally Dairy Feed. CLICK HERE for a printable tech sheet on Rally in transition cows. 
Fresh Tran Plus Pelleted Complete Feed
 Fresh Tran Plus provides early lactation and high producing cows a balance of highly digestible carbohydrates, including whole cottonseed, and is also an excellent source of metabolizable protein. The high energy, easy-to-feed pellet helps cows maintain optimum rumen digestion and body condition in early lactation. CLICK HERE for Fresh Tran Plus details.

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Dairyland Dry Cow Tub
Dry Cow Supreme Premix  
Dry Cow Supreme Premix with Rumensin
Fresh Tran Plus
TransCow Rally 20 DCAD with Rumensin
TransCow Rally 20 with Rumensin