Calves are the future of your herd. Your calf nutrition plan influences the productive life of each animal. Considerations when developing your feeding plan include:

CLICK HERE for Viafield’s recommended calf feeding programs. The milk replacers and starters included in Viafield's feeding programs feature the Land O’Lakes Purina Feed technologies described below. 

 architect logo gif This revolutionary new calf nutrition technology from  Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products Co. helps calves reach their full potential like no other product in the history of milk replacers. Viafield carries Cow’s Match® and Purina Cornerstone® 22:20 milk replacers with Architect® technology. CLICK HERE to learn more about Architect. 
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 Amino Acid Advantage® is a highly digestible blend of proteins including milk protein, functional protein sources, and vegetable protein. It is in Maxi Care Plus milk replacer carried by Viafield. CLICK HERE to learn more about Amino Acid Advantage. 
 AMPLI-Calf logo AMPLI-Calf® Technology is the most significant breakthrough in calf starters in over a decade. Developed by Land O'Lakes Purina Feed, AMPLI-Calf® Technology is in Future Cow 22 and Cornerstone Calf Startena 20 calf starters carried by Viafield. CLICK HERE to learn more about AMPLI-Calf Technology.
 ClariFly logo As spring approaches, it's time to start thinking about your fly control program. Flies bite, spread disease, cause discomfort and stress to calves and heifers, impacting their health and performance. Your calves don't have to suffer from flies when their nutrition comes from Land O'Lakes Purina Feed and Viafield. ClariFly® is now available in a complete feeding program - from milk replacer to starter, grower, and heifer feed. CLICK HERE to learn more about ClariFly larvicide.

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 Even calves fed the best nutrition sometimes face challenges and stress that impact their growth. LAND O LAKES® Calf Care Products from Viafield support the immunity of young animals and help them get back on the path to growth and success. CLICK HERE to learn more about the complete line of Calf Care Products.